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Since 1985 the Law Offices of George E. Ashford III has represented individuals charged with crimes in Dallas and the surrounding counties. Mr. Ashford has tried cases (jury trials) of all types during this period.If your case must be resolved by going to trial you will be represented by an attorney who has tried numerous cases in Juvenile Court, County Court, State District Court,and Federal District Court. Local Assistant District Attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys know that you have an attorney that is willing and able to go to trial.

This jury trial experience is important in the plea bargaining process. The plea bargaining process is a very important part of the criminal justice system. The facts of your case, your criminal record if any,and the ability and experience of your lawyer, are important factors in what type of plea bargain you might be offered. An experienced lawyer knows the prosecutors, the judge, and what judges and juries have done in similar cases in the county where your case is being handled. He also knows if the plea bargain offered is a fair one for your particular case.

George E. Ashford III has tried cases with and against many of the judges as well as the top attorneys in the district attorney's offices of Dallas and it's surrounding counties. Knowledge and relationships with probation officers, bailiffs, court reporters and court personnel all make it easier to maneuver through the criminal justice system in order to get a good result for our clients.





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