Any criminal charge should be taken seriously. There are many times when it is crucial that you take action immediately. For example, many people arrested for serious felony offenses bond out of jail and wait until the bondsman tells them they have a date to appear in court. It is at this time they call a lawyer.

During this period of time the district attorney’s office has made a presentation to the Grand Jury which resulted in this individual being indicted to stand trial. The Grand Jury normally does not hear your side of the story! The Law Offices of George E. Ashford III has successfully made many presentations to the Grand Jury which resulted in the case being dismissed within thirty days of the arrest. These are cases in which the individual could have faced long penitentiary sentences if the case had been indicted.

Often individuals are contacted by the police and asked to give statements. In many cases the statement given by that person is the best and most damaging evidence used in the case against them. Our law office has successfully advised many individuals about the pros and cons of dealing with police investigators.

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